Periodontics | Gum Treatment

Periodontics, or gum disease, is an infection of the gums that is extremely common in patients. It starts off with gingivitis, which can cause your breath to smell and gums to become inflamed or bleed while flossing. As it develops, gingivitis turns into periodontal disease, which affects the underlying tissues that support your teeth. As the bone and gum tissues deteriorate and become weaker, your teeth will eventually loosen and fall out.

Into White Dental Arts recommends non-surgical gum therapy for mild to moderate cases of gum diseases as the initial treatment. This includes using curettage and root planing. Curettage involves removing the infected gum tissues to promote proper healing while root planing smoothes and removes small amounts of the root surfaces. If needed, local medication may be given to the infected sites to stop the spread of the infection.

Dr. Mantinaos recommends spreading out the treatment sessions over a period of time to ensure maximum effectiveness. If required, we may refer you to a periodontist should you need surgical intervention. Our dental team will create a treatment plan to suit your specific needs. Contact our dentist in Long Island City to set up an appointment.