Cosmetic Dentistry in Long Island City, New York

Into White Dental Arts offers a variety of options to help enhance your smile to its natural beauty.

Into White Dental Arts offers cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve the perfect smile. Our cosmetic dentistry are fully customized to your dental needs and include:

  • Professional tooth whitening - We offer both in-office and at-home tooth whitening options. Our in-office option allows you to achieve a dramatically whiter smile in only an hour while our at-home whitening option allows patients the convenience to whiten their smile at home.

  • Dental crowns - Dental restorations that can restore decayed, chipped, cracked or damaged teeth.

  • Veneers - Ultra thin dental restorations that slide over your teeth’s front surface to close gaps, cover stains, restore unevenness and create a more uniform smile.

  • Invisalign - Using a series of revolutionary clear aligners, Invisalign allows patients to achieve a straight, beautiful smile without the use of braces. The aligners are clear so are practically undetectable and removable so offer unparalleled convenience and comfort.

  • Tooth-colored restorations or composites - These dental restorations can effectively restore teeth that are decayed or damaged to ensure your smile stays healthy.

We will create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your dream smile. Our modern practice includes digital X-rays, Wi-Fi, TV and music to provide you the best dental experience possible. Contact our office at to set up an appointment today.

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